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The Transition program is based out of 12 Kimberly and 18 Aurora. We offer bilingual services to youths between the ages of 18 and 25 years old.

We focus on education, employment, living arrangements, leisure/recreational activities and planning needs.

Our mission is to offer a smooth transition from school to employment and from living with family to living on your own. We are the liaison between the school, the employer and the family.

We will support individuals with:

  • Education: if they want to continue their post secondary education, a Smart Serve course, study for their driver's license. 

  • Employment: help fill out a job application, prepare with interviewing skills, on the job site support and follow-ups.

  • Living arrangements: finances, applying for ODSP, searching for an apartment, shopping, banking, food preparation, medical appointments.

  • Leisure and recreational: participating in the life of the community.

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