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Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living, also known as SIL, is based out of 12 Kimberly in Kapuskasing and 18 Aurora in Cochrane. The program in Kapuskasing runs 6 days a week, Monday to Saturday. In Cochrane the program is open Monday to Sunday.  Most visits are for two hours, twice a week and are mutually agreed upon between the individual and the support worker.

Our mission is to support individuals to live independently in the community. For example moving from a parents' house or group home to your own apartment. Services vary depending on each person.

We can support individuals with:

  • Shopping: ie. errands and groceries

  • Banking/Financial: ie. going to the bank, opening an account, paying bills, budgeting, completion of ODSP form, income reports.

  • Food Preparation: ie. bulk cooking, preparing a hot meal.

  • Medication: ie. picking up prescriptions, ensuring medications are taken as prescribed.

  • Medical assistance: ie. support with doctor, dentist, optometrist appointments.

  • Laundry: ie. help with sorting, washing and drying

  • Leisure activities: ie. enjoying a movie night, exercising at the gym, cheering for your favorite hockey team at the arena, participating in community activities such as concerts, festivals.

  • Apartment maintenance: ie. cleaning, calling the landlord.

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