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Gift cards

Neacl has an on going fundraiser for the individuals we support; we sell a variety of gift cards for purchases at local businesses as well as online stores.

To place an order you may:

simply drop off your completed attached order form with a cheque or cash to Lynne Brunet  at 12 Kimberly (Kapuskasing) or Natalie Lamothe at 18  Aurora (Cochrane) .




You may send an e-Transfer to facilitate the purchase of gift cards.  The process is very simple:

  1.  email your completed order form to (Kapuskasing) or (Cochrane),

  2. they will confirm with you the availability of your gift card(s) with the total amount of your purchase, 

  3. you are now ready to transfer the money by e-Transfer to

  4. Send in a separate e-mail the answer to the security question to Gisele.  

  5. The cards will be ordered and released once the e-Transfer has been confirmed by Gisele to the Secretary.   

Thank you for your generosity!

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