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The Respite Program is available to families of people with intellectual disabilities who require respite services.  Respite means a short period of rest or relief for families who care for a child or adult who has a disability.


The Respite Program helps families access funding to hire a worker of their choice to care for their child/adult while they do other things.  The family provides training and supervises the worker.  Workers are expected to carry out the same routines followed by the family with their child/adult.


Families utilize Respite Services in many ways:


  • ​To spend some alone time with their other children,

  • To get out of the house to go for walk, to go for dinner or to a movie alone,

  • To leave town for a period of time or for medical reasons, all of this to help relive some of the stress of the daily care giving required for their child/adult


There is a limited amount of funding available to a family from year to year. Funding may vary depending on the number of families requesting Respite Services.  Families manage their allocated amount as they see fit their needs.

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