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Community Participation/

Passport is a MCSS program, wich provides individualized funding to certain individuals so that they may purchase supports to help them be more active in the community.


You and your family may choose to have NEACL manage the Passport funding and activities.


Here are some examples of the activities that many individuals enjoy using their Passport funding to do:

  • Person centered planning

  • Visits to local attractions such as Polar Bear Habitat, winter carnivals and other community festivals

  • Swimming at the local pool, bowling or participating in a sport of your choice

  • Attending hockey games, both local and out of town

  • Attending concerts both local and out of town

  • Visiting the local Public Library, going to the movies, shopping or attending a class or a course

  • Joining community groups for activities such as walking, playing darts, playing cards, exercise groups etc

  • Out of town trips to visit family/friends or to attend an activity such as concert/show

  • Get together with friends for dinner or an evening out

  • Support staff can help you increase your skills in areas such as cooking, crafts, using a computer, etc

Your passport funding can also cover your transportation costs ex: taxi, bus pass, mileage.

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